• 10 years experience as a web dev
  • Loves web marketing
  • Self-taught Digital Artist
  • Oblivious to most jokes, sorry

Hello, I'm Karine, aka mechamyu! ♌

A quick summary of myself: I first started as a self-taught web developer, then studied to become a WordPress developer. I’m also sort of an artist and coding many different things that are not websites, like games. Sometimes. Hopefully.

I started this business because, when I quit my day job in 2015, it was clear to me that I could not survive in the web-studio world. I just don’t fit the mold.

My best ability is pushing creative thinking. My favorite thinking model is Inversion thinking, and I take it very seriously. If you ask anyone who has worked with me, I'm quick to see things others miss. I always try to see as many perspectives as possible at once. This made it sort of easy for me to reach people where they are, marketing-wise. In my experience, creative people tend to struggle with marketing themselves, so one of my main goal is to help the Poor and Caring Creative Type.

So, while we do our projects, like our video games, I will personally make sure we document as much as possible what we go through, in the hopes it could help someone else do their stuff, too.

Outside the Studio

When I'm not doing website or games, the main focus of my remaining time is energy work and self-development. I work part-time in an esoteric store, in which I do the following:

  • Get retail marketing experience, both brick-and-mortar and online
  • Help the people who come to us for spiritual and life advice
  • Coach and teach extrasensory development (main focus on Tarot reading, but that's just the basics. It helps me reach people who are just starting out in this whole spiritual awakening)

I love this fraction of life, but I try to keep is distinct from the studio, because I find it hard to concisely and clearly mix the two. For this reason, I (will) have a separate website/blog in which I will delve deeper into it all!

Personal projects

Projects I either work in my free time (ahah) or, essentially, never. But!! They exist, somewhere in my mindscape.

Fair warning: some may get nuked. Don't get too excited. However, tweeting me about it daily may change their fate positively. Nuking a project is harder when it has a family of mourners who, somehow, care.
Though I really don't want to nuke any projects, but I have so many... it'd be for my own good, at this point.

The Covetier


This would eventually be an app and database for a Random Magical Girl Generator.

Of course, such tool already exists. But this was an idea I wanted to try to do specifically for phones, using Corona Labs, in an interactive experience, rather than just hit the "generate" button. And I also wanted to do different phrase structures and deal in different types of wishes (à la PMMM). Anyway. So far there are a couple spreadsheets Joé and I put up for themes and ideas. And some screen sketches for the phone layout. That's it.

Mocchi Raising App


Ever wanted a Chao Garden but on your phone?

I'm sure several of these already exist, but fuck it all, I want to do my own. My sibling Lou was a Chao fanatic and he's supporting me in my endeavor. I always loved the fact they would gradually merge into different forms based off what you gave them, so I thought "hey, let's do a cute blob-raising phone app based off food."

One True Eight-Ball


More phone apps! Most of these projects are a direct response to my need to learn app-development.

This one was inspired by a tweet (link to be fetched; it's hard to fetch tweets). It's gonna be the 10 000th Magic Eight Ball app, doing the one and only thing none of them do (a surprise for now, because, well, I wanna be the one who does it, lol. It's simple, really). Then we'll see from there. Would be nice to customize the fortunes. Whatever.