On écrit à propos de WordPress, MailChimp, Shopify, WooCommerce... on parle de plusieurs type d'applications web et outils utiles!
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Jette un œil à nos jeux!! 😎

Si toi-aussi tu développes tes jeux, notre section de développement pourrais bien t'intéresser, aussi.
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Le dessin, la composition de musique, les vidéos… on touche à tout! Tout ce qui est pas du code devrait être par ici.
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Bienvenue à l'accueil de notre studio!

We're a Multimedia Studio located in Québec,  Canada.

Here's what our content will be about:

And here's what you're gonna find around here:

  • guides, that helps people who want to learn about web development or game projects (coming soon™);
  • and future updates about our games, apps and more!

We aim for the stars, while mapping our journey in order to help you do the same. ✨

We hope we can help or influence other people by sharing our findings online.
Stay tuned for more!

Nos jeux sur lesquels on travaille présentement

Nos derniers articles

Nos dernières nouvelles, fraiches du four.

Manager, dev & artist
Karine Frenette-G
The person you'll probably interact with if you ever try to reach us. Also, the one you gotta think about when you read first-person statements around here. Hi!

I'm first a web developer, front-end and back-end (mostly WordPress, though with experience with Ruby on Rails). I'm also a digital artist: you could say the most fun I can have is bringing multimedia experiences onto the World Wide Web.
Game Dev & Designer + Musician
Sébastien Peron
Sébastien describes himself as a creative who wants to reach high.

He loves to challenge himself, although that makes him an easy target to feature-creep. However, he's a fairly quick learner and goes to the root of whatever he needs to materialize his ideas. Right now, he's focusing on our game projects, as game development is his lifetime passion.

Web-related services

If you are here because you've heard of us as web developers for businesses, that's indeed us: however, while we decided to keep a foot in offering web services, we’re picky on what type of project we accept to help with.

For this reason, we only offer quick services to optimize already-existing websites.

If you do not have a website and would like help build one, we will be referring you to other developers we trust, instead. We really want to focus on helping businesses on a broader scale as much as possible, as well as our own creative endeavors, for now.

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